1. C

    Question Suggestions for atypical body preferences

    I'm interested in going for my first HE and wondering if anyone could make recommendations for women that have any of the below atypical/not porn star physical traits. Things I'm into: Meaty Pussy (long inner labia or clit) Hairy Pussy Big Nipples/Areola Dark Nipples/Areola Saggy tits Age/race...
  2. B


    YMMV Alright so there's been a lot of banter lately about YMMV. So i figured why not make a post. Some people get a lot, some people get next to nothing. Here's my tips over the years that have got me extra mileage. A lot of which I did not ask for as it happened organically. Either by me...
  3. R

    Suggestions for MP’s around Airport? LAST two days here, HELP !

    I’m staying by the airport and flying back out to San Fran Friday morning! Can you guys give me names and MP’s I should hit in the area please! Mostly into big asses or a tiny spinner! Looking for someone actually sensual and a good conversationalist :) pls help
  4. Y

    Looking for good legit massage suggestions in Calgary

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking for good legit massage suggstions in Calgary. I have started a new job and now with some massage benefits to use. I am looking for a good licensed RMT provider that I can claim benefits who actually gives a firm...
  5. F

    Vaughan Mills area suggestions

    Any suggestions near the Vaughan Mills area? Good massage with a tease and HE, emphasis on the massage
  6. T

    Suggestions? Short, blonde, big tit MILF asian

    Specific enough? 🤣 Preference for anyone located near a subway station!
  7. C

    Question Suggestions for providers in Fort Mac (not FS)

    I have to go Fort Mac next week for 4 days and am looking for suggestions to fill my nights. Not looking for FS. I haven't posted any reviews as i haven't seen too many providers. Part time hobby and im not sure i can add to what has been posted already. If i do see someone ill post about upon...
  8. Fakes125

    Chat Birthday Session Suggestions

    Hello, I'm just looking for who you guys would think would be good choice for seeing. As of right now, I know that Premier Spas does not have any birthday promos So I just looked into Elevate and kinda just narrowed to these girls who in terms of reviews are not as much as others...
  9. P

    Last minute suggestions?

    Hey everyone, I’ll be in the square one area around 830pm tonight. Any suggestions for a good HE massage around there? Thanks!
  10. W

    Chat Legit spots from around town

    I'm fairly new to this hobby and typically like to stay in the legit space (1. because DB 2. my first massage experience was at an AMP which soured them for me - tbf I didn't know what to expect). Places like Amazing massage and other massage parlours are nice since the staff can typically do a...
  11. J

    Any girls/ horny women/ cpls looking for men refs with PLACE available in ANDHERI-BANDRA area ONLY

    Hey does anyone have any girls/ horny women/ even cpls looking for men refs available with place in ANDHERI- BANDRA area only. Open to any kinda fun i.e. MMF, FMF, 3SM, CUCKOLD , Merely watch a couple bang on cam or seeing live. Anything that excites me i am game for it. Revert asap, we shall...
  12. L

    New to Edmonton - suggestions?

    Hi guys, im in Edmonton for a couple weeks for work. Anyone have any suggestions for places to go? Looking for asian girls mostly proving FS, i dont mind agencies too but those seem pretty rare here? only know of sweetbb and wonderbeauty at the moment. Any suggestions are appreciated, ty!
  13. D

    Touch wellness - Brittany

    Anyone remember the tatted up Brittany who advertised on kijiji a few years ago. She used to be an escort I believe as well. Anyhow, she seems to be working at touch wellness- in the south east now. Haven’t seen this place advertised or mentioned in the board but could be interesting.
  14. G

    Question Suggestions on any quality locations

    Hey folks. I'll make things short. I usually go to seduction and see either Sierra or Shina ( Sierra is usually my fav SP to see and will always be my #1 at seduction/elevate). I'm fine with the rates they give my but the door fee is way too steep of a hit for me. Any suggestions on any places...
  15. 1

    Question Any MPA Suggestions for Mississauga or Oakville Tonight

    Hello, I will have some time this evening and was hoping for some good recommendations. I am looking for MPA or Indie who is naturally busty and may provide a bbbj. Nice conversation would be a bonus. Appreciate any advice. Thanks
  16. B

    Question Suggestions for Perla Spa

    Hey all, so i wanted to go to Perla but i wanted to hear some suggestions from others of who the best SP's are and who does fs there? Also ball park on price range for fs?
  17. R

    Opinion Looking for suggestions on cute and young asians. Not looking for any extras.

    Just looking for a cute asian with pink nipples to suck on and who provides a sensual HJ.
  18. R

    Seeking suggestions for tomorrow (28 Dec)

    Let me get straight to the point I am a west ender, so rarely get a chance to come out on the east end where all the fun seems to be... (and hence the desperation to find something) Been scouring the posts for a few hours now but can't seem to get a solid idea of where to go... I am looking for...
  19. V

    Scarborough semi-legit options -- looking for suggestions?

    Gents, any semi legit options in Scarborough that you recommend? I know it'd be difficult but I was looking for Shangri-La type quality of service.. 🙏🙏🙏
  20. ejsquare

    Question Suggestions on Korean MPAs

    Hey Guys, Got any Suggestions on Korean MPAs, around GTA? The selection of Koreans seems to have dropped and I have a craving. Something along the lines of Baby or Gina who are ex-Ellagance. Thanks in advance.