1. V

    Question Best RMT Massage only, extras not necessary but not unwelcomed

    Hi everyone, I am sure there is a thread on this already but wanted to see a more updated version for 2024. Looking for a really strong deep tissue massage that can help fix tight muscles in the Richmond Hill / Markham proximity area. I ran out of insurance to go to my legit spa so I am...
  2. D

    Non- Asian Semi-Legit with extras?

    Are there any non-asian semi legit spas around gta? Not looking for adult spas, but more like normal spas with extras. Looking for suggestions, will check out and report back.
  3. E

    Who gives the closest to RMT level massage in Vaughan with Extras

    Hi Everyone, I am on the hunt to find someone that can give a strong RMT level massage with extra in vaughan. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  4. B

    Free Masssge and some free extras ?

    Where to get free MILF massage And free sex from GTA ? Cougar BARS ? Widows at the funeral ? Uglies at supermarket ? Women who like ugly guys ? Nymphomaniacs ?
  5. Qster

    Thai Massage with extras

    I like Thai oil massages, I like extras; yet I have never met a Thai masseuse who offer extras in Canada. Does one exist in Edmonton? Also always looking for great legit Thai oil massages. Feel free to DM.
  6. A

    Extras at beauty salons or nail spas?

    hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has been to any beauty salons or nail spas that offer any extras? The thought of getting a hand job here is a huge turn on anyone experience anything from these places?
  7. A

    Question Extras at beauty salons

    hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has been to any beauty salons or nail spas that offer any extras? The thought of getting a hand job here is a huge turn on anyone experience anything from these places?
  8. B

    Chat Surprise extras? First time experiences.

    Thought I'd create this thread, might be some entertaining reading lol. Ever received surprise offers/extras (meaning from "low milage" places that normally don't offer them)? Share your story. And/or anyone want to share their first time experiences? I'll start with both. - I got offered...
  9. L

    Late Night, No Extras Massage

    Anyone know a good place I can find a late night massage? Preferably near DVP. I work most mornings/days and rmt is such a hassle. Basically, I don’t even care if extras are offered. Just need a hot girl to give me a really good massage after 9/10 pm. I know some girls at the spas don’t like...
  10. C

    Extras at Premier

    What rates are y'all paying for extras at premiere nowadays, some of the newer girls have been charging outrageous rates ? What are your experiences?
  11. spectator

    Was expected to pay for extras I didn't ask for, has this happened to you?

    Was at a spa I have been regular to for years now, and with one of the regular masseuses I have seen many times previously, but not in a while. I have been making my way through the roster of ladies sampling the options available. Decided to see the old gal once again after taking a break for...
  12. M

    Richmond Hill - Healing with EXTRAs

    Enjoy relaxing massage service in a cozy clean spa Brand New Opening We offer - Great professional quality massage - Shower Available Visit us today for FRIENDLY HIGH-QUALITY ORIENTAL MASSAGE Lesile and Hwy 7 Massage Studio Spa 437 / 552 / 7637 Easy Text Appointment
  13. T

    Ada @ E&M - Extras

    Dear experienced fellas.. wanted to check the level of extras you have had with Ada at E&M. I had 2-3 sessions with her, mostly vanilla sessions. Her message techniques are great; she's very thorough and has a great rhythm. From 2nd session on, she has taken off her mask during the session...
  14. I

    How does it work - Extras

    SO when you go to a high milage spa..and its time for extras, how does it work. DO they list you the options,...or give you the opportunity to tell them what you are looking for so they can give you prices?
  15. M

    White/Latina providers that give a good, deep massage with extras?

    Moving to Toronto soon and looking for a masseuse to become a regular at. Someone who can provide therapeutic and erotic relief. I particular need my glutes, quads and calves worked on. Doesn’t have to be RMT level, but not someone that just rubs oil on your back. Looking for a white or latina...
  16. D

    A la carte massage extras !!!!

    Why don’t they offer a la carte masssge extras. Like this - Only breast sucking 65.00 Only pussy sucking 55.00 Only butthole viewing 145.00 Only cuddling 20.00 Strip show 20.00 Armpit sucking 50.00 Someone to talk to 80.00 Kissing 35.00 Fingering 165.00
  17. L

    Chat What’s included, how much extra NOT to pay?

    Say for example, at Seduction/Elevate. After paying the $140 half-hour room fee, what’s the standard rate for upgrading to CBJ, BBBJ, or FS? I’m asking so I don’t go in like a noob and get swindled lol.
  18. W

    Question Any extras in St Albert?

    Hi all. Thanks for all you do! If any of you gents are aware of places offering massage + extras in St. Albert, please DM me. Thanks!
  19. J

    Canabella Spa - any luck getting extras at this legit spa?

    Any of you got extras at this spot? Are they strict here? Surely when i flip over with a massive hard on, someone might take care of me, ya? If you dont want to share on the internet who it is i should seek out at this spot, kindly private me.