1. Happyman

    Review SL Oscar list/Top Performers

    Best massage Amber, Momo Best GFE Cici, Coco Best kisser Coco Best body Eva, Momo, Amber Sexy killer The boss, Renee Most attractive Cindy Best fun Amber, Cici Best attitude Sarah Most healthy Selina, dragon tendon massage Most liberal Don't ask me Best ass. Tina, Amber Best freshman...
  2. ignorethisact

    ITAs London TART List

    Coming from the GTA the London scene is virtually dead in comparision so dont really feel need to go into specifics on services. Not like anyone is reading. Some on this also dont like reviews so two birds one stone. Dont DM or respond for specifics. Only do that over discord. For the few...
  3. I

    List of spinners aouth asian or arabic

    Any list or spinners form south Asia indian/pakistani or arabic ?
  4. S

    Most Overpriced and Worst Calgary Massage Providers List

    I found the more I read and the more I look the more I find terrible overpriced providers so I thought a list was a good idea. Add to it if you so choose. Some of these I have seen but others I have not and won't based on consistently poor reviews from active members with a track record of...
  5. romeotoronto

    Announcement List of closed holistic centres

    I'm pretty clear on the status of all these massage places (in yellow). Most are long forgotten. Looks like Jade 3050 Yonge decided they didnt need their holistic licence anymore
  6. S

    Question List of Japanese JAV Actress

    Hi. Is there any website that contains a list of JAV actress and the films that they appear in? I googled and all I couldn't find what I am looking for. I am looking for the name of the actress who appeared in KRRY-001. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. S

    Question Leo list latina’s

    I have come across a few posts on Leo list with Latinas in the different/Lawrence area available for FS. Have any members here visited these Latina’s Here are a few links...
  8. Barney Rubble

    Review 1315 Lawrence E - Master List

    Is there a consolidated list of girls and spas at this address? It seems like there should be. I’ve only been once and seen Mimi at Palace Spa. Great session. She’s funny and entertaining.
  9. J

    Question Has anyone seen Kim from Leo list?

    Hi and apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place as I’m a newbie here 😂 Want to find someone for an erotic massage (or tantric of any kind but that’s not as easy and super expensive apparently lol) I’m Durham region. Came across Kim and was wondering if anyone had any experience with here...
  10. D

    Touch wellness - Brittany

    Anyone remember the tatted up Brittany who advertised on kijiji a few years ago. She used to be an escort I believe as well. Anyhow, she seems to be working at touch wellness- in the south east now. Haven’t seen this place advertised or mentioned in the board but could be interesting.
  11. G

    Review Grand Master List of all seduction, premier, vaughn ,golden sunshine, elevate Reviews

    The review to end ALL reviews. This is for the boys. I'm hoping a lot of people comment, I am willing to share my experience transparently. I've been hobbying for about 2 years now, I am starting to slow down now (1x every 2x weeks) but in my prime it was like 3x a week. Interacting with so...
  12. D

    List of 24 hour locations in and near Downtown Toronto?

    I know of Winnie Spa which is 24/7 and on Yonge, near Wellesley. Any other places (either similar Asian Spa's or something totally different) that are 24/7?
  13. D

    Mimi , at Leo list , sexy quaint
  14. B

    Leo list just got robbed by amber Just got robbed by this one . Pictures are close but not really her. Paid $200 and she started don’t touch me here don’t touch me there. I just left and lost $200 ...
  15. D

    Review Pure spa and hot pink list review

    Saw these 2 ladies on the same day. Have to ice my balls later that night in a good way. Sasha @ pure spa Read mostly good reviews about this long legs beauty. A good sign that she also work at sft as a sp. 1 hour session included bbbj dfk daty dato cfs. 2 shots. Standard rate. Will repeat...
  16. romeotoronto

    Holistic Spa List - provided by the city of Toronto

    The city of Toronto provides a list of the holistic centres. The number is about 290 and is decreasing by about 4 each month. I did notice Momo Spa is now called Imperial Spa
  17. D

    Bucket wish list with escort or massage Lady

    On Xmas eve, she gives me a closeup of her pussy . And I suck her back and front for one hour
  18. M

    12 Different Kinds Of Massages And How You Can Benefit From Them - The List

    There are very few times in a woman's life when she's going to go through as many drastic changes, in such a short period of time, as when she's pregnant. There's body swelling. There are muscle aches. There's joint pain. And when there's almost a year of this, it can also lead to feeling...
  19. M

    A List of Cars With Massaging Seats - Kelley Blue Book

    [unable to retrieve full-text content]A List of Cars With Massaging Seats Kelley Blue Book
  20. M

    Foam Rollers Vs. Massage Guns: Which One Should You Use? - The List

    Gym-goers use foam rollers to recover faster from training and break up muscle knots. In clinical trials, this practice has been shown to prevent knots and adhesions, reduce injury risk, and increase range of motion, reports the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Evidence suggests that foam...