1. K

    Question Anyone know where Keke from Flirt went?

    Does anyone know where she works now? Saw her a couple years ago at flirt and had a good time. Any insight would be helpful! Thanks.
  2. L

    BLS at Flirt

    Can you please let me know who currently provides this? There have been some legends in the past, but it would be helpful if we could track current providers. From the current roster, I think there’s Krystal and Leena. Wondering about the other stars, like Charlie and Marley. PM if you like.
  3. Happyman

    Skyler/Flirt Anyone has seen her?
  4. Z

    Demi flirt vp? Jade intermodal / Ella lotus massage

    Anyone know where these girls work now ! These 2 were my faves dm me if they’re still in the industry!
  5. S

    Review Natalie - Flirt

    Her massage is solid, she did a great feeling hand technique where she rolls her fingers/knuckles. On the flip I helped her get undressed. She puts effort into the BS too, got a hand full of ass. I got a slow HJ finish and LFK. Boobs are incredible too, full and perky Cs. She positions herself...
  6. P

    Kylie From Flirt spa

    Hey Just wondering kylie is not on the flirt spa website anymore any idea where she must’ve went? I heard she doesn’t work there anymore she was amazing!
  7. M

    Review Sasha @ Flirt Spa

    Saw Sasha recently. Body looks great on the site, but a bit photoshopped based on what I saw. Had a decently firm massage, but felt like she wasn't interested and didn't want to be there after 10-15 mins. Felt like she was running a script on me, and didn't feel original at all. No kissing or...
  8. K

    Flirt spa service

    Hi, What type i can get from flirt MP. Is there service level to Max. What type of service can expect. Is any limitation? I heard that even you can not kiss in flirt.
  9. malodrax

    Celeste at Flirt Finch

    brunette white girl, 25-30, petite natural body, attractive girl overall, needs a nose job maybe. chill girl, lazy massage, ok release, didn't ask for extras so don't know
  10. B

    FS at Flirt

    Over the years I have had a few fs experiences at Flirt Finch. A few years ago there was an MPA named Ebony. Young, perfect body. She always wanted me to cum on her asshole and she would rub it in. We had great bbfs sessions. You don’t have to name names if they are current, but is it...
  11. mattpking

    Looking for Flirt Spa tease experience, but with FS? (Duo). Suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I have gone to Flirt a few times, and have really enjoyed the Duo experience. The ladies are absolutely beautiful and the sessions are amazing. However, obviously the service is limited with regards to what the ladies are willing to do. I've had some great Duo FS experiences at...
  12. B

    Audrey @ Flirt

    Gents, Any views on Audrey at flirt?
  13. E

    Question Amaya Flirt Has anyone seen?
  14. N

    Zina @ flirt spa So I had the pleasure of meeting this beauty on Saturday, but she was going in for a session so I didn’t get to see her. She is sexy, cute Asian with a great ass. I haven’t been to flirt for years and am tempted by this one.the manager said she is always...
  15. W

    Question Alice Flirt Finch Anyone seen this booty? Assuming she's not the one @ Flirt VP previously
  16. L

    Question Where did Hailey go? Flirt Spa Finch

    I saw Hailey last December and had a great time. Loves to please and very friendly. I noticed though that she hasn’t been back on the schedule. Does anyone know where she went? Did she move to a new spa?
  17. P

    honey @ flirt spa

    does anyone know if she offers extras apart from just a hj?
  18. W

    Review Farrah @ Flirt Review

    Posting this here to encourage others to post their experiences with other flirt attendants. I was in the mood for a massage and play and haven't done it in a while. After looking at some reviews of different massage places I settled with Flirt, a little distance away but not too bad. Being my...
  19. C

    Review Nikki @ Flirt

    I was up in Toronto for the day and wanted to try out somewhere I’d never been before. I typically go to these low mileage places since so I am married and can’t risk catching anything. Getting within a mile of you dirty dogs could get me caught haha. So I decided to try out Flirt and take my...
  20. S

    Question Flirt Spa

    Is Flirt Spa a full-service Spa?