Tong tong health centre

I went couple of times to Tong Tong health centre at China Town in Spadina Ave near Dundas. There is a Manager there naming Jenny, a middle aged Chinese woman.comes afternoon As she requested, I used to bite her nipple, small one, very hard, squeeze and press her boobs with force and she used to like the pain and out of excitement she used to took off all her dresses and ask me to lick her pussy and finally fuck her. She wants to be raped by force. She did not charge any extra for even full service. She is a sex hungry woman. Now there is another woman there who comes only on every Thursday, a tall and slim woman naming Lisa, also a Chinese woman, young woman, she has huge nipple just like size of a grape, she also likes that her nipple to be bitten very hard and squeeze her boobs with maximum pressure., which I did couple of times and she enjoyed and then the final assault, the fuck. But first for both these women, I had to bite their nipple very hard and after that squeeze and press their boibs with full force and hardness, once they are satisfied then they allowed me to fuck them and lick their pushy.Itvwas bizarre but pleasant experience for me
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