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Male Massage Therapist 4u at $49

DEEP TISSUE Massage for Every One ! ( *We provide WARM Organic Essential Oils, *Electrical WARM Massage Table and *Neat and Clean Warm Treatment Room that give you more Relaxation and Safety. ) We provide RMT with insurance receipt, Contact us if do you have any benefit from insurance company. And CMT / SMT Therapist with Cash, Contact for Price

Health & Safety Precaution ** We strictly fallow the Alberta Health Guideline, and we treat your body 100% Hygienic. ** We care and sanitize all belonging after each treatment. ** We use Medical grade disposable Bed sheet and Face Resting. ** We use Face Mask and N - Gloves. ** No chances of Contamination. ** Now you are in good & Safe Hands

For SAFETY Reasons ** Avoid for a New appointment, If did you Travel past weeks OR Having any Symptom of Cold, Flu or fever, Thanks

* A New Neat and Clean Clinical Office / Studio at Parsons Road and 27 Avenue NW Edmonton,

( Get 30 - minutes FREE Cupping Treatment , when you book me for 90 min Session )

(Book me for all Kinds of Full Body Customized Massage ) (Let me Treat your BODY with --- Acupressure Massage, Salt - Therapy & AL-HIJAMAH (a Wet- Cupping Therapy ) + Healthy Massage

A Unique and Healthy Massage Treatment in Edmonton for all your Needs in Affordable price

( Our Regular Price with CMT / SMT $35 for 30 min & $60 for 60 min Session ) & Our Promotional Price is $ 75 for 90 minutes for full body Healthy treatment )

(Only One Clinic in Edmonton, Providing you Healthy Salt-Therapy with Massage, and HIJAMA Therapy (Wet-Cupping ) with Massage (for all your Health and Wellness, Specially for WOMEN and Men above 40 )

# AL- HIJAMAH ( Wet – Cupping Therapy ) An Approved Effective Treatment for your Chronic Condition ( for MALE and Specially for FEMALE Clients ) We use Sterile needle for Hijama, ( No injury , No Cut-mark, No scratch Mark after HIJAMA ) It is very Safe & Effective for * Arthritis Pain * SCIATIC Pain * Migraine Headache * Back Pain * Lower Back Pain and Specially for Men issues

* Pre and Postnatal Healthy Massage , a Special Package * Glowing Face and Age Reduction Massage * Belly Reduction Massage

# SALT - Therapy, it is so effective for @ Acid Reflux & Heartburn @ Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder @ Alzheimer's & Dementia @ Anxiety, Stress and Panic attacks @ Inflammation @ Blood Clotting ( intravascular thrombosis, Heart attacks and Strokes @ Angina , High Blood Pressure and Other CardioVascular Condition @Arrhythmia / irregular Heartburn @ Blood Sugar Sensitivities @ Bone & Teething Building @ Vitamin D- Deficiencies @ Calcium Deficiencies @ Hypokalemia ( Potassium wasting ) @ Depression @ Seizures @ Sensitivity to Loud noises @ Migraines & Headaches @ Chronic Fatigue syndrome , Adrenal Fatigue, Muscle Fatigue and @ Fibromyalgia @ Muscle Pain, Spasms, Twitches, Cramps @ Insomnia @ PMS , Menstrual Cramps, Dysmenorrhea & Infertility @ Lungs Function, COPD, Asthma & Respiratory Disorders @ Sports Endurance @ PreEclampsia and Eclampsia

* I am Helpful, Confidential, Certified and an Experience *** MALE – Therapist

For a pure professional Quality and Healthy Healing MASSAGE * Text me any Time at ------- 587 - 974 – 2470

( Best Price and Best Healthy Massage with Quality Services in Edmonton, (Guaranteed)

# We Offering Therapeutic and Deep Relaxation Deep Tissues Massage under everyone budget

* Come in Our Clinical Setup Private Room and Have a Awesome Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

* Don't worry, If you're Tired and having Any Tense from your HARD Studies / Jobs and Living ALONE Or Any STRESS / STRAIN from your Family/Friends, # Give me few minutes of one Session to provide you Complete Relaxation and Make your Mind and Body FREE of Tense , Stress , Fatigue, Muscle and Joint PAIN and Other symptomatic treatment Physically ,Mentally and Emotionally

* Massage at your Location, HOME & Hotel -- Or -- Come in our Neat and Clean Clinical Setup Private Room We also Offer * Full Body Couple Massage at your LOCATION ( $ 49 for 60 min for each one)

I am Specialized For 35+ , Male and Females Clients for their SPECIALS NEEDS , minor and major issues and some kind of Hidden issues ( Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Psychologically)

**Enjoy with Strong Hands with Soft Touch for your Body Tech

*Mobile Massage Services make you more Relax, for detail text me . # Mobile Services Bring for you ** Massage Table ** Fresh Linens/Towels ** Our own blended Therapeutic Massage Oils, make you more Fresh and Relax ** Detox Solution, which remove toxin from your body, give you a NEW Healthy Life and ** Relaxation Music, make your mind more healthy.

* Pay Cash Or e-transfer **Free Health Consultant is available for all your Health & Wellness Therapy.

For an Opening Spot / Appointment for today, Text me at any time for all your Needs / Solution at 587-974-2470 By appointment only

We are Open Every day, including Holidays * Monday to Friday ( 10 am -- 9 pm ) , * Saturday and Sunday ( 9 am -- 9 pm )

** For your Treatment Luxury Clinical Setup private Room is available on your Request,

* ( Our New Neat & Clean Clinical Office is Located at Parsons Road and 27 Avenue NW, Edmonton Near South Edmonton Common Market)

** If my Clinic is far from your Home/Hotel, Call me for your Location

** Thanks for all for reading our ads, Take care your Health, God bless you, Be safe and Healthy, Have a nice day
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