Hawaii health spa ,Scarborough Tel:4162618088

Hawaii health spa ,Scarborough Tel:4162618088

Hawaii health spa
3110 kingston rd. Unit 7, Scarborough , m1m 1p2
Tel: 4162618088

Host: coco & linda


Coco has a regular customer, his name is Andy, he used to visit coco once a week or even more , when coco was in china, Andy came to see me, there was a funny dialogue between me and andy, here we go:
Andy:" linda, I want 30 minutes massage ok?"
Me:" ok"
I started massage him.
Andy:" I don't want massage, I want love, i want love masssge"
Me:"what is love massage? Massage is massage, i don't understand what do you want?"
Andy:" I don't need massage, I need love, love massage"
Me:" what is your love massage? You want 30 minutes massage right? "
Andy:" yes but I don't need massage, I want love massage!"
I didn't understand what his love massage and where is time talking talking about love massage, I massaged him in my way , don't waste my time.
When coco came back from china, I told Andy that coco came back and he came early in the morning say hi to coco , because coco was fully booked, Andy came back the in the afternoon , coco was still busy busy...and andy was waiting and waiting... finally coco was available for Andy, when the view coco and andy saw each other, I felt that they were lovers reunion after long time seperate.
after finished I asked Andy:" why coco is so popular "
Andy:" you ask coco, i don't know, but I have a back pain, I come see you next time "
I was just wondering that what coco's love massage was after?
When I had 4 hands massage with coco, I understood what coco's love massage is. Coco is a really love giver girl!

Coco will work here today, her stable schedule will be every SUNDAY & MONDAY from now.
wellcome to feel coco's love masssge and I will be a 4 hands massage standby. Any health issue I can help to make it better.

Thanks everyone here for helping our business! We are ready to take good care of you, your happyness and healthiness are our prioritied goals and you should give yourself a good massage to reward your hard work for this year.
☎️ : 4162618088
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