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Wanted to ask when I was in, did you mean Jojo's service is better than Dara's in that she has open menu, high mileage? From what you hear Is she high mileage? We Clicked but don’t know if it’s an act so I’ll come back or serious. Never know, they tell you you’re the only one she does things with but every guy gets the same thing. Can’t post a review, it’s a massage site and you don’t want LE reading about it.
Hey bud, was talking to you before. Somehow can't send you a Pm.
Hey man, my old account is pretty fucked up and I can't seem to do anything with it. I am not sure whats wrong with it. I have been trying to edit/delete that post about Nini but I can't. There are no options anywhere for me to delete it. I have had to create a new account just so I can post or do anything. I still have access to the old account but it seems to be restricted for me to do anything with it.
Sir, can I request that you delete your recent comments about NiNi under the Hot stone therapy? She is really worried that her family and siblings, and relatives living here may find out this comment (from people they know). She needs the funds to support the parents back home who are in ill health but she would be an outcast if they found out she does happy ending work as well.
I am trying to delete the post but I cannot figure out how to do it.
started a thread asking how to do this I guess there's a problem with my account and for whatever reason I don't have the ability to edit or delete so I messaged admin to fix my account so that I can
I am not sure. I think you have to login under your account. Go to your comment, and there should be an edit or revised button. Please give me a try. Thank you for your consideration.