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  1. C

    Review Lola @ Superior Health Clinic

    Have not seen any reviews on Lola so thought I'd take a chance. If I have to guess her age I would say high 20s or low 30s. If she's actually older than that then she must take care of herself really well. Fluent English very friendly and talkative if you want but can be quiet as well if you...
  2. TheKWguy

    Superior Spa, Luluvilla, Just Relax, Ellagance, Suko spa, E&M - best reviews

    If you want a massage, like a strong massage if their arms look real big and their hands creak/back hurts then yeah it's going to be a strong good massage. If you want service, REAL service with someone who isn't super old then you are fishing the wrong fucking holes. Every age quoted is wrong...
  3. Fk416

    Horrible experience with Nancy at Superior

    I am an sp guy and have been on the mpa scene only for a few months. I've been to many spas in the past weeks and never had any problems. I am a young well educated professional who always treat ladies right and tip well. However, i had the worst experience with Nancy from Superior spa. I...
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