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  1. PussyJunkie

    Happy Chinese New Year...Pharmaceutical companies profiting in the year of the Rat 😜

    I’ll still put my money on Influenza to take down more than this so-called super virus. Antibiotics are to thank as always.
  2. PussyJunkie

    a pathetic marketing campaign that will sucker in millions

    A shitty overly publicized “sandwich” has now added bacon. Just junk. Reminds me off all the spas advertised here...
  3. PussyJunkie

    What’s with the bats?

    Nice Halloween spirit. Lose the bats!
  4. PussyJunkie

    Choose forward?

    The TV spots of the most pretentious and arrogant have made my decision for me. I was prepared to decline my vote but now I choose a vote against.
  5. PussyJunkie

    Kelly Lynch

    Kelly Lynch She could possibly hold the title as the sexist mature for 2019.
  6. PussyJunkie

    Justin Trudeau in brownface!

    It’s a very old photo but he is who is is. His character still shows, in his actions, to this day.
  7. PussyJunkie

    Massage Planet Toronto is being taken over by guests!

    This forum used to be entertaining. Now any yahoo can show up and they all do! This is one of those rare occasions when I actually agree with krayjee. If this continues I may have to go back to cable tv for entertainment and that’s gonna suck!
  8. PussyJunkie

    Whitesnake1987...a cupcrazy spinoff. In theatres soon.

    It makes cable TV seem interesting again. Is anyone enjoying this?
  9. PussyJunkie

    Hairless Asian kitty’s

    I’ve searched high and low to find the perfect pussy in the Asian market. It’s getting a bit more common for them to shave but I can’t stand that stubble! I only ever found one that was perfectly smooth and hairless. Any thoughts?
  10. PussyJunkie

    Alright, who did it?

    Somebody said his name 3 times! The one with the most pointless posts is awakened again. Get ready for the yawn fest boys and girls.
  11. PussyJunkie


    Where is she working?
  12. PussyJunkie

    Which spas are worth visiting tomorrow?

    I see that Premiere, SRM, AGS closed tonight and tomorrow. Anyone know of any good spas to check out tomorrow?
  13. PussyJunkie

    TomBlackest is Ursus' alter ego

    Its really unfortunate the our medical professionals cannot help with this level of mental illness.