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    Police Are Hunting A Man Who Stole A 3 Foot, 40 Lbs Dildo From A Sex Shop

    A cockyburglar is on the loose in Las Vegas after stealing a 3 foot (36 inch), 40lbs dildo from the Deja Vu Love Boutique last week and doing so in the most casual manner possible. What a legend! CCTV footage shows the suspect simply walk into the store, sling the massive sex toy over his...
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    Mayor Plante Wants The Federal Government To 'Take A Stand' Against Companies Like Pornhub

    On December 4, The New York Times published an article titled "The Children of Pornhub," revealing the alleged dark realities behind this Montreal-based online porn site, which mayor Valérie Plante was questioned about today. This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for...
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    Weird Sex related news

    Instead of posting a new thread for every sex related article I found on the internet, I decided to create a thread to consolidate them
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    Rubber meets the road for Vietnamese factory accused of selling used condoms
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    John Tory Wants All Strip Clubs To Close After More COVID-19 Cases Were Reported @Whitesnake1987 must be please. John Tory should just stfu. He is...
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    Canada's top doctor: 'consider using a mask' during sexual activity

    FYI, practice safe sex haha
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    Tonawanda residents want a new policy that allows police to accept ‘sexual gratuities’

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    Adult film star Ron Jeremy now facing sexual assault charges involving 17 victims

    He gets to bang chicks on sets. I don't know why he wants more
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    the Orignal cool cats

    Has anybody hear from her? She said if she finds you compatiable with her, she will reveal her identity.
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    Montreal Sex Workers Are Really Struggling During The Pandemic & They Can't Get CERB

    For those of you thinks hookers are better off during the pandemic, ahem @Whitesnake1987, it is not always the case "Sex work isn't for everyone," says Sandra Wesley. "A lot of women would never do that. A lot of men would never do that. But obviously, it's an income-generating activity and...
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    Who is the biggest Troller on massage planet?

    Since whitesnake is probably blocked by a lot of members already plus the fact that he is computer illiterate, I have created a poll on his behalf. Just to be fair, I am one of the candidates in the poll. All the potential candidates are arranged by alphabetical order. You have 7 days to cast...
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    Curbside strip club
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    Covid 19 leads to more penis injuries

    According to this article, there was a man who was admitted to a hospital after he masturbated 5 times in one day. Gentleman, don't be cheap have the MPA or sp to take care of it lol...
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    Sexy babes

    Since one of my friends kept on sending me sexy chick photos. I may as well share them here.
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    Worst spas

    AA spa near Shephard and McCowan (the same plaza as Q spa) is one of the worst spas out there. Not only the MPA there is pushy and demanded me to pay first to see the girls. I said no way. She started swearing at me. She even followed me to the entrance. She even came out and still swearing...
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    Fewer massage visits

    Several spa owners complaint that fewer customers have been visiting their places lately. They would like to know why? Does it have to the fact that you want to spend your money on watch the Raptors? You don't like the girls at a certain location? Or something else?
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    City of Toronto Massage Parlour Public Meeting

    Did anybody here attended the meeting today regarding the future of the massage industry in the City of Toronto? If yes, what came out of the meeting?
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    Cosplay session

    yes, I am creating this thread for market research purpose. Will you be interested in booking a cosplay session with a MPA? If yes what kind of costume do you want the MPA to wear? -A nurse uniform -A doctor uniform -Student uniform -Super hero uniform -Others Your honest input is greatly...
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    Ideal MPA

    I am curious. What features make a girl an ideal MPA? What do you look for when picking a MPA? For me Natural is a must. I hate fake plastic ones. LFK is nice.
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    Victoria at Purple Sugar Spa

    I had meant to post a review about her awhile ago. I kept on forgetting to post it until today. I went to see Victoria at Purple Sugar (right a the North east corner of McNicol and Midland Ave). She is the only Non Chinese/Asian MPA working at that location. I had to wait about 5 minutes...