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    Oil Pulling Therapy (OPT)

    Hoping to give this a try, anybody else experienced it?
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    Business side of reflexology

    Hi everyone, i'm half way through a course but beginning to have doubts about whether there is a living to be made out there as a reflexologist. I'm noticing more and more beauty therapists are trained in reflexology &are offeringit alongsidebeauty treatments, even my hairdressers has started...
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    bringing on labour?

    hi all i have just had a call from a lady one day overdue who was told by her partners sister(yup one of those!) that an aromatheapist made a blend andshe went into labour 20 mins later....of course they wanted me to do the same,. They also sid that the oil warmed up on her lower back when...
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    Santa hates you

    :lmao: @ your siggy calichic