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    Red Rose spa??

    yes they do. most indians there are pork chop. One massages you like a paint brush. If you into black, Amanda works there. She has a bitchy attitude.
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    Chat Any side effects from one of the vaccines?

    definitely want to know where you met that nurse lol. i know a guy who got covid got inflected for the second time within a year.
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    Sexy babes

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    Chat Jokes please

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    Chat Any side effects from one of the vaccines?

    first shot a little sore. that's about it. If you want to avoid the inconvenience, ask the nurse to inject the arm that you use to write things with. For example, if you are a righties, have the nurse inject the shot on to your left arm.
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    Sexy babes

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    Sexy babes

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    Sexy babes

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    Alexa Premier

    there will be sucker or rich bastard going to pay for this.
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    Review Mei @ Flirt VP... Dazzled me

    I find it ridiculous that other front line workers are still waiting for their second shot. I am not saying Mei or other MPAs are not important. The provincial government needs to give their head a shake
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    Alexa Premier

    well the girls can ask whatever they want. At the end of the day, the customers decide. they better offer bbfs with that price.
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    👍 Admin

    you can ban him and he can just create a new account under new name.
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    Sexy babes

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    Sexy babes

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    ARA♡HOT Korean girl is waiting for you♡ Yonge & Finch 647 333 2751

    like leolist, there may be ghost writers promoting her
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    Many Chance Spa - Crystal B ‘S old place

    i doubt it is open (at least legally that is).
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    i have to question the authenticity of the photo. I went there once and was greeted by a pork chop woman. Since then, I keep on receiving text messages every once in a while promoting her place. I suppose i can block their phone number if I have to
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    Jagmeet Singh gets caught not following Covid restrictions

    do as I say and not as I do motto.