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    Some funny pix !!!

    i loove the last pic :D
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    Cutie Girl NYC

    Regardless of my identity or agenda, the post is 100% true!
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    Northern Blvd @ 150th Flushing

    (646) 407-0616 Craigslist $160 per hour with $20.00 tip. I've used them twice and both times I had very cute Chinese girls in their early 30s who wore short dresses. A standard two call system with a very professional phone call girl. They operate out of an aprtment that has one bedroom and a...
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    Oil Pulling Therapy (OPT)

    Hoping to give this a try, anybody else experienced it?
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    Business side of reflexology

    Hi everyone, i'm half way through a course but beginning to have doubts about whether there is a living to be made out there as a reflexologist. I'm noticing more and more beauty therapists are trained in reflexology &are offeringit alongsidebeauty treatments, even my hairdressers has started...
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    bringing on labour?

    hi all i have just had a call from a lady one day overdue who was told by her partners sister(yup one of those!) that an aromatheapist made a blend andshe went into labour 20 mins later....of course they wanted me to do the same,. They also sid that the oil warmed up on her lower back when...
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    newbie question about Costa Rica VIP Party Escort

    newbie question about Costa Rica VIP Party Escort Well said Irish D. :D
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    Santa hates you

    :lmao: @ your siggy calichic
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    how to introduce my cat?

    give them treats whenever they are together ... you could try feliway It helps the animals stay more calm in new environments. Good Luck I'm sure with time things will work out for you :)