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    New spa beside hot rock

    Anyone try this new place? It used to be the location for the GRW.
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    Any spa offers birthday special like perla spa?

    Remember the good old dates before the covid19, premier chain like perla spa offers special for the birthday boy. Anyone knows any Mp still offer nowadays.
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    Rmt in Markham area

    Hi I am looking for any rmt around Kennedy and 7 area. Need someone to work on my left knee. Didn’t do much walking since last March.
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    Any spa in Markham extend hours today?

    I heard that em may extend hours for tonight. Call them and find out for the last massage for this year.
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    Chole at orchard spa today

    Anyone tried chole recently? They mentioned she used to work at rmt spa before. Is she really good at massage ?
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    Black Friday rush

    So it is bf today.So all the wolves bro can use today as the excuse to do the last minute rush to the Mp instead so your significant other think you go to the mall instead of the Mp. Which one is having a good time in York region?
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    Free door fee at flirt vp this Sunday

    Are there anymore in the Toronto and peel doing the same way to have the final massage for the year?
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    Go place new spa?

    I was searching that place today and I found out the Anyone been there?
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    Any special for the hotel meeting?

    During cov19 era I like to know any hotel in Markham offer special for the ‘meeting’?
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    Looking for chi chi @ finch and kennedy

    Last time I saw her it was around 5 to 6 years ago. I heard that she retired already but still run the spa around that area? Anyone has any updates?
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    Any spa in Thornhill that is opened?

    I was driving along Yonge and 407 the other day and my 3rd leg wanted to have fun. Any brother here have any suggestions...
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    Amie review @perla?

    Anyone gone to see her after they reopen?
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    What to do when you are ‘single’ for couple hours today?

    Any one has any go to places today with good services? I was going to check the daily schedules but it is not up yet? Please help.
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    So hot today let’s party

    Since today it is so hot let’s enjoy this dance and drink the molson or some Korean beer.
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    Looking for Mimi ex ellagance

    I met her about 2 years ago based on the following: Mimi.....she is a slim and tall young girl in her high 20s, very sweet, very funny and a real fire cracker. She used to work at all 5 May Blossom locations and also works at XR Wellness so I don't need to say much about her massage skills. All...
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    Markham mayor proposed wearing mask

    Here is what the mayor said yesterday. Markham’s Mayor Frank Scarpitti says he will be introducing a motion that would make masks mandatory in York Region at the next council meeting. The order would make masks mandatory in all indoor spaces and crowded outdoor spaces where physical distancing...
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    Looking for Jennifer

    She used to work at pro clinque at Victoria park and Gordon baker and also pro 8 near Vic park and Steele’s. Last time I saw her at least 20 years ago around 1315 Lawrence ave e. Anyone know where she is now? Maybe she retired?
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    suko spa

    Any good RMT available to try when they reopen again? It can be a mix of massage and some form of Happy and sensual as well.Want to relax of the tiring body.
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    Any feedback today after spa opening?

    I recalled jr is taking appointment today? Do anyone have any feedback about the massage for the reopening?
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    Chiropractor recommendation?

    Anyone here can recommend a chiropractor for me during covid19? Hopefully she is experienced and doesn’t have to b that ‘hot’ and ‘ cute’.