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    Question Miami at Vaughan Spa

    Has anyone seen Miami at Vaughan Spa? Their website says she's a new girl there. Anyone know anything about her? She looks pretty hot!
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    Covid Comorbidity Risk at the Spa

    Ontario, Quebec and BC do not currently release covid comorbidity statistics but Alberta does. I was pretty amazed to read today that of the 575 people who have died in Alberta so far as of this writing, 98% of them had comorbidities such as high blood pressure, dementia and diabetes. A...
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    Question "Threads below this point have not been updated" - Admin can this feature be added to the Toronto forum?

    @admin I just recently noticed when you browse through threads in the "latest posts" section there is a little bar that shows up that separates all the threads that have been updated and all the threads that have not since the last time you logged in. It says "threads below this point have not...
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    Admin what is the policy on encouraging sexual assault and rape?

    Leaving aside the question of how his latest fantasy play acting handle can be good for this forum when he is clearly trolling to fight with everyone everywhere, allowing anyone to encourage sexual assault and rape is incredibly dangerous to the women we want to remain in the business and can...
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    Admin please adopt a bare minimum standard of moderation

    Admin I totally understand the many ways this site is superior to others due to the freedom of expression you aim to provide, but no matter what you still absolutely need to have some bare minimum standard of moderation! Seriously I want to know what is your justification for allowing posters...
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    New Massage Planet Format... Again??!!

    Has the layout of this website completely changed again? Now the icons of who posted in a thread are gone, it's not as easy to see how long the thread is, and the primary icon for every thread is now how many likes and dislikes it has! Is it just me or is this how it's now appearing to...
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    New Massage Planet Format Again?

    So it seems like they've changed the whole user interface on this website again. After the last update there was an option in the preferences that you could view the site in the old way that I prefer. Is that still an option, and if yes can someone please tell me how to revert back to the old...