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    Young and attractive

    Why can't we have it all? Is that too much to ask for lol
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    Tania (Kijiji 4459)

    I've seen her before, and again with anything in life ymmv. When I saw her, I had an undraped massage. We made small talk and she warmed up and I left happy. The massage was in the kitchen area and there was a dog barking in another room. If I recall she was going through a divorce and also...
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    My top choices

    Rmt south visits once in a while. If she likes you you are in for a treat
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    Question TOFTT paying it back

    If you are married download a texting app and put it in an obscure folder with apps. Change the icon or rename it if you have an android. Usually you have to sign in every 30 days to keep your number. or turn off notifications so messages don't alert you. For filtering toft, my go to keyword is...
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    Intel on Angie kijiji

    She posted an ad with a pic today. She's the same Angie from back in the day. She was pretty flakey back then, sometimes would confirm an appointment and then would not reply. Good vfm if you can catch her on a good day
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    Review Spakeyour Mind

    What did she look like? $$?
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    I’m your caucasian Canadian girl.

    This is Caucasian Kelly. Imo, massage is a bit dry she doesn't use much oil. She also has a weird technique where it feels like she is stretching your skin and it's not that enjoyable. Finish was pretty good.
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    Recent visits and nostalgia

    There was this milf in sherwood park, blonde, petite, i forgot her name (tammy)? She was a lot of fun. First time I saw her I got a bj and a body slide and it was amazing. Went back for more fun but she moved and stopped doing it. The other one I miss is crystal (white, brunette) in the south...
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    New Everything but same old still

    Yea saw her once and that was it for me. I looked at her new site and yes the FAQ sections basically tells you what you need to know. She is a very no nonsense, my way or the highway gal and comes across as condescending and arrogant. My honest take: she is probably atleast in her mid 50s, and...
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    Outcall massage

    I've had an outcall massage a few times. A couple times they brought their own table and a few times it was done on my bed. You will know ahead of time if its a professional rmt or not. The pros: no travel, comfort of your own home etc The cons: inviting random person to your home...
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    Kandee (Millwoods)

    Quick review on Kandee Appearance: mid 50s, Caucasian, ~5'6", nice tits (the pics on her website are a little old I'd say). she is a little plumper than I was expecting (covid +19lbs maybe lol) Personality: pretty talkative but tends to go on rambles and rants Location: townhouse in...
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    Looking for independent south side

    Whats does she look like?
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    Chat No more benefits?

    I've limited my contributions to this site because my experience is that people will tend to protect certain girls and provide reviews to deter people from visiting them... a selfish move. If you look at my post history you will find candid reviews. I initially found this site after spending a...
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    Terwillegar Lily

    If anyone has her contact I'd appreciate a pm, I saw her a few times in the past but got a new phone and lost her number and I don't see her ads anymore. Thanks
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    Melted Massage

    I've seen her a few times, a bit older than I'd prefer, but I had a favourable ending with her
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    Tanya west end

    It was $30, for the hj Yea of course your mileage may vary tho
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    Reagan Sherwood park

    I probably saw her 10 times before. It got to the point where i would finish diy with her in the room. Never got more and I moved on.
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    Tanya west end

    White - mid 30s, European Works from home, lives far west by Costco. Brunette, accent, nice booty the face looks a bit tired, but friendly Saw her today, left happy. Place is kind of messy, and she had dogs so be mindful of that. Her ad is on kijii, number ends in 4459 Good luck. Don't...
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    Very quiet on reviews

    I've noticed a few ads from CL trickling to kijiji. I've even saw one from Kali a few weeks ago, who I thought retired. I think now with cl down, you will have to do some more sleuthing to find what you are looking for.
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    southside massage

    Sorry meant rmt not email.. Stupid auto correct.