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    Should I buy an I Pad ???

    :hilarious: :rofl: :lmao: This is funny :lmao:
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    This is what Safin Need to Run FE :lmao:

    :lmao: :lmao:
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    LOL What have I done?

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    Ocean Blue 1868 Boul Des Laurentides

    I just passed by this place and saw Christina. Her description sounds similar to Jennifer described in the above posts. Christina's physical beauty is quite something. When she undressed... that was a different story. Flabby stomach from previous...
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    spa cabana

    Yo bro ,revisit tis place cos i was nearby .It my 4th time there liao ,1st 3 time ,i had try Zoe,Jean n a fat thai didn't even bother 2 ask her name.Zoe is good n she is the only 1 who ofter me Fj with $100. Reviewom my info very few gal there provide Fj n if have oso charge at $120.As 4 Jean...
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    Yo Mama Jokes 8)

    Your momma's so poor when she was kicking a can on a street someone asked her what she was doing she responded,"I'm moving my house."
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    Pearl Ctr Massage

    so very true ! had a biz there before but it became so hard to operate Reviewom there that got to shift biz to else where so ur Reviewen still there ?
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    Elisabeth didnt offer any options the first time , but the second time i asked her to lay down and i gave her a massage . She doesnt have a nice body so what is the use of giving her a massage . It's not like giving a massage to Emily at lotus . What does maryse look like RG
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    Back to the gym

    I wish I can help you Insert but I don't have to work out. I work out my 26 inch arms every-time I go for a pee, but I do need to watch my carbs so my gut doesn't hang over my speedos. :he:
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    Review: Cindy at NSI

    Man, I remember when this place was all the rage. Now it's all cbj and what seems to be lame service. I miss Yumi
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    Review: Time for hot CoCo

    I know when I see her soon, I will have a veeeery long detailed session.
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    Review: Linda will definatley work!!!

    Thanks for the intel. Linda's fake BP pics
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    Review: Mesmerized by Heidi

    Hoping she's as much fun as you guys say
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    Sonagaachi Updates

    The street whores are in no way competitors to the building chicks..and building chick wont charge you less than 1k for an hour leave apart the A Lister who comes in a range of 1600-2100 bucks'..and expect the street whores to be more rough in their behavior and there's no mistake of theirs as...
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    Review: Sarah the super star

    Sounds like both of you were happy. What was the name of the spa?
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    stomach cancer

    Heya I've posted on your thread about IHM and stomch cancer, so will post here. Sorry to hear about your friends husband, it must be a hard time for you all - keep strong and think positive thoughts. I've a lot more experience of treating cancer patients with reflexology than IHM...
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    Las Pulgas dance club

    Thanks for the info. So you seen ZN GIRLS at Las Pulgas? I might go try it out .My friend and i like Norteno,Banda,Tejano music. We don't dress all Vaquero style. When i go to the local Mexican clubs in So Cal i just dress casual in jeans,dress shirt,black dress shoes. Im sure will fit in. But...
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    Review: Holly left me Smiling

    DAMN!!! nice review!!
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    Motivation of your review? (split from another thread)

    great posts. nothing worse than the two Ps: pretentiousness and pompousness. keep up the good work!
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    Intake Forms/SOAP notes

    Just wondering if you guys make your own intake forms, or is there somewhere online to purchase or download them? Thanks!