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    B.O.N.K.S - Brotherhood Of Nightclub KTV Singapore

    Doesn't he remind u of someone when he first started chionging ktv:rolleyes: ... *hint* So famous... until his exploits is known thru out BS and NSH The League of ExTra HorNy GentleMEN & LADY
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    Kitty Photos

    Good one Vince :D
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    Plays on Words.

    Those are good. :lol:
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    Yum or Yuck

    YUK, A simple gin & tonic.
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    Downtown Brooklyn AMPS

    The only place I've been to that gives he is the one on Henry. Decent massage but tipping is a hassle. The women are in their 40s and 50s. Pros are that the price is standard (50 for 60 min) and it's the only place in downtown Bklyn. The place on Court was terrible. There are two ladies...
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    Damn fucking dirty Anti Vice world

    How do you managed to know so much in detail ?
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    Hougang De Sauna

    went yest n all the top picks busy, so picked 1 name at random. Anqi coz wanted to try someone Reviewom china. She looked 'young', abt 40+ but later she told me she is 50+ She looked damn sexy in a low cut top n short skirt. Name:anqi Massage:8/10 Looks:6/10 Damage:$35 (45mins...
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    Vanessa Kama Massage

    i gad the exact same experience with Camelia, although her finish was more exciting, not worth a second try
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    Dangerous Hiking Trail

    I just need my speedo, its stretchy and can wrap around anything. Hahahaha, kidding I'm a chicken shit too when it comes to heights.
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    The boy may be low on funds, but at least he is thinking with what he has up north, and not what he has down south. Stay away Reviewom nasty places son.
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    U.S. woman mauled to death by 4 pit bulls

    You sure as heck did say that...... So you're saying getting bit by a rottweiler is no worse than a bite from a shih tzu? OH kay.... once again:
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    Free treatment - I need your advice please

    Yes you're right about not holding on to it - I should try that as I usually allow things to fester and take over. Thanks. How do you send a blessing to someone? Is there any specific wording that you would use?
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    Best places to meet women

    I must apologize, A1. Your posts have been quite informative, and I will endeavor to squirrel them away in my tool box for future reference. But like you said, it doesn't matter how good the tools are when the handyman is incompetent. You mean by before or after hobbies? Notice how most of...
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    Review: A Korean honey at Sunflowers

    Thanks Lee, I WAS taking the weekend off from the hobby until I read that review. Maybe next labor day.
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    tbone2u should be happy to hear this news.
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    Can you cum multiple times in 1 session???

    Usually not allowed. Especially on a first visit. Torito I think I misunderstood your question: Can you cum multiple times in 1 session??? Can I? Usually not. Depends on how good the woman is. Only a few can make it happen.
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    New Laws

    They will not be stamping any passports, just checking them like they do today. Also if they ever do pass this law a much cheaper "border pass" will be acceptable for the Mexican and Canadian borders.
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    marco polo hotel

    i will be at grand mercure this weekend. thanks for the info
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    Hoping to move by January... a few ?'s

    Alright seforum.xxxg - its you and me - GONE by Jan.!   We can do it!Intuitouch - GREAT ideas!  Love Monday Massage Madness!
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    Massage Parlor Reports

    Here are the exact directions. I quote, "by flying second to the right, and straight on till morning." Best of luck, and please post your adventures for everyone including PP himself to read. -PussProwler