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    Kandee (Millwoods)

    Quick review on Kandee Appearance: mid 50s, Caucasian, ~5'6", nice tits (the pics on her website are a little old I'd say). she is a little plumper than I was expecting (covid +19lbs maybe lol) Personality: pretty talkative but tends to go on rambles and rants Location: townhouse in...
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    Tanya west end

    White - mid 30s, European Works from home, lives far west by Costco. Brunette, accent, nice booty the face looks a bit tired, but friendly Saw her today, left happy. Place is kind of messy, and she had dogs so be mindful of that. Her ad is on kijii, number ends in 4459 Good luck. Don't...
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    White meat

    Sorry if this sounds racist but can we have a thread where we discuss Caucasian or white massage therapists... There seems to be a lot of focus on Asian therapist which is fine, but but sometimes you crave something a little different Here are the white therapist I have seen: Sherwood Park...
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    Cleaning and massage ad

    Anyone see her? Sent me some pics and I'm interested. Booked a massage tonight
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    Best looking?

    Hey any recommendations on a very good looking massage therapists that is ok with un draped. I'm OK with no extras. Prefer white girls
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    Complete Review of MT from the last 2-3 Years

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have some time today so I am going to provide some intel on a few service providers that might be useful to some new members. I am aware of that some of these providers have already had reviews but I will still provide my review: Kali -Pro: Pretty...