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    Blue sky

    is Cici still the owner ? She was a great fuck 7 months ago she just need to hire ladies with equal or greater talent
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    Linda at Blue Sky in Markham

    went yesterday 3rd time with Linda Petite barely 5 feet tall nice little ass small B’s limited English did use google translation Had a great massage for about 20 min then the tease came in for a 5 min ask me to flip I was hard like a rock and she ask me if I wanted fuck she was wet like tap...
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    Blue Sky on Kennedy Rd

    this place use to be discussed regularly last year for FS fuck shop any new or recent update on the talent there ? EM doing good just wondering if worth the visit at BS and whom are the stars line up Thanks as always
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    Blue Ocean Richmond hill

    anyones been there lately ? What is the line ups ? Any new blood ? I haven't been there in over 6 months I do like their room set up
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    Love Feet Spa on Wolfdale rd

    went there yesterday had to take rain check all 3 attendants were fully booked the mama Sam atvthe front late 50's lady wanted to give me massage was not interested and walk away Please note you need to park at the Ncdonald beside the small house as there no parking spot all taken by the use...
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    Love foot spa 3641 Wolfdale Rd

    any intel on this spa in Mississauga ? I drove by today and was wondering about the level of services and girls Many thanks in advance
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    Love foot spa 3641 Wolfdale Rd

    any intel on this spa in Mississauga ? I drive by today and was wondering about the bel of services and girls Many thanks in advance
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    Evergreen Wellness on Hurontario

    Any intel abt this place ? Is it RMT ? Or semi legit ? Drove by today and wonder what are the girls and services there Many thanks in advance
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    Silver star spa

    Any of my brothers have intel on this place ? It is in the same plaza as moonlight right beside Chako in Scarborough ? I call today and the lady that answer the phone had a great bubbly personality her name was Mei Many thanks in advance
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    Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends

    may the new year bring you health happiness love and prosperity for the New Year Sincerely
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    Just getting ready to walk in then boom LE show up WTF

    this past Tuesday was getting my coffee at Tim Rutherford n Jane just before my visit to Queen Wonder parked the car further than the spa main entrance as I am getting out of the car boom four police cruisers show up and enter the spa talking about mood killer ..... I will not go there for a...
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    Looking for the biggest Asian clit

    Any recommendations brothers ? I have read that Daniela as a large one but never try her yet but this this I am looking for the ultimate large Asian clit Thanks as alway :-)
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    Oriental spa 9401 Jane

    just wondering if any if my brothers give this one a try ? They advertise for $45 / hrs massage Any feedback ? Also in the same unit as candy sisters and Wonder There is another one opening soon May Blossom ?
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    Question for brother Ursus

    bro you are very familiar with the Chinese culture why so a beautiful and sexy early to mid 30's Asian women will not Shave or at least trim her beaver ? I like my pussy clean but will settle for a nice landing strip but the fucking bush for me is a big turn off Recently I was having amazing...
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    Please explain this new law coming in the falls

    What this is all about new law for spa coming in the falls ? Many thanks in advance
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    One in One on Leslie

    just stop at Timmy for coffee at 7 and Leslie as I I am driving by say that Georgia's MP in a pink robe and high heels outside having a smoke my lord she was stunning Chinese with long legs nice breast long black hair and she give me the nicest smile Any words on this place ? Many thanks in...
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    Whom is the best Asian squirt

    I am looking to find the best Asian woman that can squirt Any recommendation gentlemen ?
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    Oasis on Winges Rd Vaughan

    gents Any feedback on this one ? Thanks as always
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    Asia / India mp's

    just curious about these woman Every time I talk with Chinese Mp's they always say Indian man have no hygiene they are bad tipper and have me respect for the ladies so I just wonder with all my brothers on massage planet what is your take on these Indian woman ? Are they worth a try or just...