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    Luna @Flirt

    Buds, Any one has any intel on what happened to Luna @Flirt. she has been off schedule since New year.. unsure if she has hung up her boots. Will be really disappointed if she has.. TIA Happy Hobbying ian
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    List Crawler and a few

    Guys, I just wanted to share my piece of experience that I have been having lately. Not hitting much of Flirt, Seduction, Premier these days cos of more work schedule fit and the cost completely being drained, fear of getting broke kills the actual temptation. I did hobby a few here and there...
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    Malia at seduction/Vaughan

    Peers, Does any one know what happened to Malia at Seduction/Vaughan spa? She was one fine high mileage dynamite
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    Jasmine @ Aegean sea spa

    I have reviewed her here before. Had a great session with her again this week. This women is sweet, friendly and horny! Has a nice set of boobs, liberal touching and playing allowed. digits and DATY were super encouraged! Genuinely gets wet and horny, receptive to DATY! A very nice women with...
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    DFK Compilations/re-visit

    Guys, With the exodus from Premier Chain, Flirt keeps adding/deleted girls often, So much in and out happening @ Seductions, apart from the usual regulars of go-to DFK women like Alanna, Luna, Trisha, Elana, Cherry etc Are there any women who is active currently and is into DFKing? I am...
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    Tia Carrere look alike MPAs

    Buds, Have had and still have a huge crush for Tia Carrere. Anyone know any MPA who closely resembles Tia? Thank you. Ian
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    Jasmine at Aegean, similar reco?

    Met Jasmine at Aegean, despite the PM spree and the Herpes Spree. Wanted to see a mature lady with EI background. She is pretty, flirty, has assets at good proportions. No extras but a very good massage, tease and a Finish. With that itch, trying to find any similar milf or mature women from a...
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    Insurance IMaura c3

    Being quite new to the country,I wasn't quite aware how the claim things are so strict. claimed a few visits from a place I haven't visited. My wife visits naturopath and I have made a few false claims on that name. I have also taken regular massages which were not covered. My claim activated by...
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    latin girl in GTA

    Hey guys, I have been having a thing for latin/colombian women lately. I love the curvy body, busty and the insane DFKs. Any latin MPAs worth trying? TIA and happy hobbying! Ian