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  • Hey Bro,

    New to mongering scene and hope to get some directions from you on the same. Was wondering if you can help me with SP T digits so I can organize my rendezvous.

    n Tkd, near GK2, where you get OK to decent bong chick's and milf's under 2K, but that place is dingy, also I have been reading about Kanak, Ritu, and some other names, who are they, if you could help this brother out.
    I can help you some good connections. But again highly expensive over 35k.


    Name is Varun, joined today, and primary new to this.. I would like to state that I am actually pretty amazed, about the extensive research you have had, how do you manage like 1 or 2 k for shot, since last 6 months that I have started I have only found super expensive ladies, and SP's who send some pictures and when you reach they are totally opposite, however I do know one such place in Tkd, near GK.
    Hello sir I am from delhi..need inde contact....like shabbo , kanak , vfm type...please help...I have met Ritu milf...
    Travelling to Delhi on 28th and 29th Jan. Can u help with some good contacts in Delhi. I have gud ones from Mumbai and will be happy to share.

    Am looking to get some vfm contacts who provide good service. Ready to pay some remuneration to you too as a token of gratitude.regards
    Hi Bro! I see you have been offering help to other members so I thought I will ping and check with you. My budget is about 5-6k (if it can happen in less, even better) and I would like to go for FS - However, the experience matters and the girl should be hot ;)
    I don't mind visitng spas or massage places in Delhi or going with an indie who offers incalls. Let me know if you can help!
    hey, cant pm you. would really appreciate your help . posted in delhi ncr forum. can provide help outside mongering also. should i send you an email or contact in some other way?
    hey bro,
    totally new here, would really appreciate if you can share any indie contact within 2-3k (delhi,ggn)
    you can mail also, same id just ad gmail.

    would definitely share reviews and reciprocate somewhere
    Hi VFMonger,
    You mentioned about availability in Munirka in the 1.2 to 1.5K range. Are you able to share any contacts ? Would be most grateful.
    Thank you,
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