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  • Hi Ursus,
    You posted that Japanese Emily does FS for $160. I would like to see her if this is the case ... For real or jesting ?
    When you had FS with her was she good or "dead fish" ? I like a girl that is reasonably tight and likes to get laid as well as get paid.
    Hi Ursus. I'd like to meet you for a coffee. I live in Markham near Markham Rd and 16th. Reason for wanting to meet is I am going to China at the end of March for the first time to visit with my GF. Having never been there before, I have a lot of questions to ask you. John
    I am in love with 5 women - Asian Angela, Sweet Alice, Juliet, Sweet Baby Jaime and Leela.
    Hi Ursus, I just read your post "I didn't realize until 2 days ago that Leviathan was your handle. You tricked me for a long time. You are very, very skilled."

    Are you sure? How did you find out? Is your source reliable? Even the CIA have not had this kind of infiltration.

    Leviathan sounded like someone I knew. I've been fighting him across 3 forums. That's why I was surprise when you said that.
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