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    Free Door Fee @Flirt

    Navya is on my list bro considering her stats. Big boobs.. how is she facially? Was it a gfe session? Kissing? Thanks
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    Chat Carmen at flirt spa missing ????

    Anyone saw Alessandra after the open up? She is delivering the same services? Lots of DFK in the session was the norm before COVID. Unsure what she is upto now
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    Review Some Flirt Finch Reviews

    How about Aria's DFK?
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    Review Some Flirt Finch Reviews

    Yup totally! I dont try to break the standards by tipping more and create a sub par experience for those who dont when they pay 120$ for 30 mins. Extras are seperate entrees to go A la carte!
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    Review Some Flirt Finch Reviews

    Underrated post not to carry any comments yet!! Well done mate. awesome review
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    Luna @Flirt

    No bud, the one at perla is a former MPA from Flirt VP. Our Finch gem is yet to be found
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    Luna @Flirt

    Thanks man! Appreciate your intel. Should she is planning to come back after the crisis, that would be awesome! Those seductive eyes, lips to kiss forever, curvy bod and the dope tits! Miss seeing her!
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    Review Review: Katie @ Seduction Spa

    Bro, you must be causing inflation for your peer hobbyists... Put yourself in other shoes for a minute, her attitude and the quality of session will go down for those who dont tip @ 120 $... you tipping 150$ based on any special services you received is totally upto you but think twice before...
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    Luna @Flirt

    Yeah. She is not found in the new name too..!
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    Luna @Flirt

    Buds, Any one has any intel on what happened to Luna @Flirt. she has been off schedule since New year.. unsure if she has hung up her boots. Will be really disappointed if she has.. TIA Happy Hobbying ian
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    Chat 3449A Yonge St

    Ah! I guess this is a different member !!. Cos her name was Rehana or something init
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    Chat 3449A Yonge St

    How do you know? Where does she work now? TIA mate
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    Chat Flirt Spa tier list

    Has anyone seen Navya @ Flirt finch? 34D Natural sounds Nice.
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    Kryjee buddy do you know what happened to Jasmine from Aegean Spa after the spa is closed?

    Kryjee buddy do you know what happened to Jasmine from Aegean Spa after the spa is closed?
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    Jasmine at Aegean, similar reco?

    No!!! I didnt receive BBBJ from her even if she had one. No kissing too. A nice sensual body rub with a good gripping HJ. I guess there is no herpes worry on this.