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  • Hi, Bro, Pro Touch will have young pretty girls on Wed and Fri, you will enjoy it. Add: 5694 HWY 7 E. Markham. Tel:647-729-6166. Thank you!
    Hi Cupcrazy. Just wondering what you have against Ruby. Did she do something bad to you? Personally I always have a good time with her.
    nothing personal. I am just giving my honest opinions based on my experiences.

    Each person has different tastes. I personally cannot stand people who are dishonest. You should see her now. She wears a bra that makes her boobs bigger.
    Hey Cupcrazy, your reviews are spot on. I know I can trust you. Like an old fool I have developed a big crush on Ruby even though she lies constantly. If I'm not putting you on the spot what did you mean that she would literally do anything to get your business? Once again, thanks for your honest an helpful reviews.
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