Confession: #151



I confess that I like to have sex more often ( 2 - 3 times a week) than my wife who is the very least interested (once a month) I have to keep trying to seduce her for days before she finally lets me have sex with her. I have no choice but to masturbate but i don't enjoy it and doesn't give the same satisfaction as having sex. I've constantly tried to talk to her about this but we get nowhere. I feel like visiting massage parlors and sex workers for paid sex but I know if she finds out it will be the end of our relationship. I don't know what to do :(
All you can do is talk to her about it n see a sex Therapist
It's not fair, you only have one life. My marriage is kind of the opposite. I didn't marry my favourite body type. I love curvy women with big tits and ass but married a very slender woman. I didn't want to be in a position similar to you where I'm dying to have sex with her all the time and she isn't willing. My wife actually wonders why I'm not trying to have sex with her more... Anytime I dated curvey women I became jealous at times, especially when it felt like she was flirting and I hated that feeling.

One thing I've learned in life is the best way to change someone else's behaviour is to change your own. Often our partners tell us exactly what they like/don't like and we only hear what we choose to hear. I keep telling my wife if she quit nagging me about nonsense we'd have more sex, but she doesn't hear that, she wants to keep doing the same thing and expect a differnt result, which is a recipe for insanity.