MY LINH VIETNAMESE ✰ BLUEXADO SPA ✰ 416.357.9797 ✰ 1102 Centre St, Unit #6, Thornhill Vaughan ✰

MY LINH VIETNAMESE ✰ BLUEXADO SPA ✰ 416.357.9797 ✰ 1102 Centre St, Unit #6, Thornhill Vaughan ✰


✰✰ BlueXảđồ Spa ✰✰
10am - 12am

1102 Centre St, Unit #6, Thornhill

416 357 9797

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MY LINH a 21-year-old Vietnamese Malaysian
Offers comfortable and professional full-body treatments.


In Toronto's vibrant GTA, where dreams unfold,
Under the blue moon, tales of life untold.
A golden head, crowned with hues of blue and pink,
In North York's green oasis, where souls drink.

From Brampton's active streets to Mississauga's charm,
Through Oakville's alleys, under the Asian palm.
Alfa ivy climbs in Vaughan's quiet valley,
While black nu vie dances with feet so sally.

In Markham's hand, an apple of one toe,
Qq valley whispers secrets we may never know.
Through Scarborough's streets, a sister's journey starts,
With Mary Club and Jenni, healing hearts.

In Richmond Hill, where stones hold ancient tales,
Tsingtao Asian candy, sweet memories unveil.
As muse and blossom meet in Newmarket's air,
Relaxation calls in the gentle ocean's lair.

In Burlington's embrace, an escape serene,
With Goldenvip Medica, a tranquil scene.
Through Milton's waters, Oshawa's embrace,
Ellan Ann's Pro Asian grace.

In the seasons' dance, from sunshine to moon's embrace,
Water whispers secrets of an ancient Asian place.
With every step, every touch, every breath we take,
In this mosaic of words, a journey we make.​
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